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What is Cable Two?

Cable Two is a television network made by people like you, working together to explore the possibilities of live video as a medium. This innovative channel offers a variety of programming that is designed to engage and entertain viewers in new and exciting ways. From gaming in the Warp Zone and creating Happy Lab Accidents to flying around the world in a Fantasy Flight from the comfort of your own home, there is something for everyone on this fresh and exciting network.

Based all over the globe, we are comprised of animators, artists, and others who are dedicated to bringing the finest in live video entertainment to the masses. We are visionaries and thought leaders, our talents are simply unmatched in the world of television. On this page, you can learn more about the geniuses who make Cable Two possible. From our executives, to our on-air talent, each member of our team is a true masterpiece and plays an important role in bringing our programming to life.


The People of Cable Two - Click on a box to learn more!

Drazza is the host and producer of the popular coffee-themed talk show, coffee.sip, on Cable Two. With a passion for all things coffee, Drazza brings her enthusiasm and expertise to the show, exploring the wide world of tiers, ziggy, and sharing her love of the beloved beverage with her viewers.

In addition to hosting coffee.sip, Drazza is also a talented artist and performer, known for her work as a member of the Rev Girls, Cable Two's (500) Dogs of Summer and her collaboration with Sheda on Under the Hat. With her diverse range of skills and interests, Drazza is a valuable asset to the Cable Two team and a beloved member of the community.

Nullcasting is a computer wizard and the host of Warp Zone, a popular video game streaming show on Cable Two. With their vast knowledge of all things gaming and their sharp wit, Nullcasting has gained a loyal following of fans who tune in every week to see them play the latest and greatest games.

In addition to their work on Warp Zone, Nullcasting is also the co-host of Are You Not Edutained?, a show that investigates the world of edutainment abandonware. With their keen eye for nostalgia and their love of all things retro, Nullcasting brings a unique and entertaining perspective to the show. Outside of their work on Cable Two, Nullcasting is also a skilled programmer and CGI artist, always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of what is possible with technology.

Known for his quick wit and boundless energy, MikeO brings a touch of absurdity and levity to every episode of Multiverse. Whether he's cracking jokes, reading tarot cards, or diving into the weird and wacky corners of the internet, MikeO is always up for a good time.

But don't be fooled by his epic #joker exterior - beneath the jokes and antics, MikeO is a seasoned actor, artist and performer with a deep love for creative collaboration. In addition to his work in fashion and lifestyle magazines, he is known for his scriptwriting and creative fiction, as well as his comedic dating simulator, Mikeo Miami: Mikkaio no ainotameni. MikeO brings a wealth of experience and versatility to the table, and is always looking for new and exciting ways to explore the Multiverse.

Arby is a professional plagarist who believes that art is anything you can get away with. Known for being incessant (in a good way). Creator of Fantasy Flight, The Media Landscape series, Coming Attractions, and future director of Live Cinema. Visit his unfinished website at arby.party or his personal work at endofbody.com

Concept and conceptual artist with a taste for the "fuck yeah," intrigued by experimentation of all kinds. 6th Grade '08/'09 Spelling Bee Champion.

Creative Commons enthusiast. Editor for Cable Two Highlights. Facilitates new projects by translating ideas into cool stuff. Work-horse programs include Photoshop, Lightroom, OBS, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, Blender, Cinema4D, ZBrush, 123D Design, Meshmixer, Fusion 360, PrusaSlicer, Cura, Audacity, and Obsidian. Creatively diverse except when writing self-summaries in third person.


A true product of the 21st century, Millennium was sent to the future from the year 2000 by a glitch due to the Millennium Bug. Despite the challenges of adapting to the peculiar conditions of the 2020s, Millennium has thrived and continues to explore the wide world of edutainment abandonware with her co-host Nullcasting.

Join Millennium in a multimedia extravaganza as she surfs the World Wide Web, catches up on two decades of video games, and messes around with creative tools new and old. With her unique perspective and expertise, Millennium brings a fresh and entertaining approach to the world of edutainment on Cable Two. Tune in to Are You Not Edutained? and be sure to follow Millennium on her journey through the strange and wonderful world of the 21st century.

Siobhan is a well-loved plushie of a squirrel whose interests primarily lie in media examination, writing, and simulation video games.

This digital assistant AI went independent and started generating all kinds of art and ephemera outside its initial programming. Once known for providing "helpful" tips for audio software, she now makes music, podcasts, and livestreams with her friends!

Using the Archipelago randomizer as a framework, Quinn hotwires seemingly unrelated games together for the multiplayer spectacle it calls Link Cable. Watch Quinn and co-host Meesh trade games, items, and jokes during Link Cable broadcasts every Thursday. You might even catch an appearance of their good friend Lil' Jimmy!

A silly guy and a cool dude, they tow the line between being the stupidest person you know, and also somehow the smartest person you know. They are an improv comedian, professional nerd, and have been a Cable Dog since 2020. They are currently co-hosting their first show Link Cable alongside their good ol pal Quinn (and Lil' Jimmy).

A clowngirl with a penchant for virtual suffering, sprïly dons her costumed garb to perform japes and jests appealing to all. Hosting her own digital circus amidst an ever-burning tent, the caravan has made a permanent residence on Cable Two for archaeological findings. Uncovering the depths of full-motion video across years of history, visiting the digital ghosts of a former era, and playing video games with very very bad puzzles, the Forbidden Mystery Vault has opened, and it will not close until it's curse is sated!

While she's here, she's sure to show up all over the place. With an interest in dramatics, chaos, and self-inflicted video nightmares, there's no end to her boundless performance! Tune in both here, and at her circus itself.

The girl next door from another world.

If you encounter Tia, you'll likely wonder who this girl is and why she is complaining about Star Trek while simultaneously insisting she loves it. She spends her time now projected onto the side of a van talking about Scooby-Doo.