it's cable two

Cable Two is a television network and media project dedicated to exploring the creative possibilities of live video as a medium, imagining the world of the present and past within the promise of the future. Through our programming, we seek to foster a sense of connection and community, working together to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of streaming. At Cable Two, we believe that our mission is nothing less than to revolutionize the way people interact with livestreaming, and to create a more vibrant, and dynamic media landscape for everyone. Cable Two is a threat and a promise.

Our passionate community of artists and creators strive to create a visionary entertainment experience that celebrates experimentation in form. Through our commitment to forward-thinking ideals, we aim to be a source of innovation and inspiration for viewers worldwide. Our ultimate objective is to establish a sustainable, long-term platform where individuals can experiment and create anything they desire with endless possibilities, and have the necessary resources and support available to bring their ideas to fruition.

Cable Two is an ever-evolving journey that will continue to develop and grow, bringing new ideas and experiences to audiences across the globe. Join us on this adventure and discover the magic that lies beyond the screen. Anyone can be part of Cable Two, all you have to do is say hi.

Feel free to flip through this playlist to get a general sense of what we're all about.

Become a C.A.B.L.E. Dog!

Curation: Our shows put an emphasis on experimentation with form, outside of traditional gaming livestreams.
Alliance: Cable Two is not about finding a place to put any stream, but joining a group of people to work towards a common goal.
Borrowing: We play with the visual language of media across time, but are not bound by any individual style aside from our own. Take pieces to create something new.
Limitless: Eddie Morra is a struggling author in New York City. His girlfriend Lindy, frustrated with his lack of progress a
Earnesty: The concept of our streams come from a place of love rather than judgment. Find something you want to do, and follow it.

Why streaming?

Cable Two prioritizes experimentation in form over content. Livestreaming is the ability to connect with people and events in a way that feels immediate and unmediated, as if the viewer were physically present. Everything happens in the here and now, breaking down physical and boundaries into a singular, shared experience. What livestreaming and television does best is fostering patterns for emotional effect with shared events through curation, where the outcome is secondary to the connection formed. As livestreaming grew, it took on the form of gaming - which works well for creating shared experiences - but why limit ourselves to only one style of content, when the possibilities of the form are endless?

In the digital age, we have the resources and capability to make infinite variations of art through the same curation.
This is the purpose of Cable Two.

How can I join Cable Two?

If you have an idea for a show or a project, develop a pitch. This should include a detailed description of your concept, any resources you might need, and how it fits into Cable Two’s ethos. Once your pitch is ready, submit it to our pitch page for review. Remember to read all of the documents and tips beforehand. If your pitch is accepted, you’ll move on to the next stage.
Feel free to join our Discord or email us for advice. Don’t hesitate to ask for help or feedback along the way. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Cable Two a retro channel?
A: No. Cable Two is not explicitly a retro channel, nor do we have any specific "style" in our shows beyond what each individual person chooses. We consider ourselves to be modern, and having an anachronistic mixed style is part of our thing. That being said, most of our members have some shared interest across different eras of design. Everything is a remix, and we take that to heart.

Q:How can I update to Cable Three?
A: Please return your Threebox to our P.O. box for a full refund.

Q: What is your mailing address?
A: Cable Two
5831 Forward Ave #1205
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
United States

Q: What is the media landscape of the 21st century?
A: Do not repeat. Do not discuss.


Cable Two, a television network and media project, embarked on its journey in July 2020. It was born out of a shared passion for exploring the creative possibilities of live video as a medium. The founders of Cable Two discovered a forum called Twitter2, where they could express their love for creating innovative and experimental art. This led to the creation of, a spiritual successor to Twitter2, where they could experiment with new ideas and soon formed a distinctive group voice.

The team then developed OrbTelevision, a shared Twitch channel that served as a platform for experimental livestreaming. After several months of successful operation, the team decided to rebrand the channel as Cable Two. This decision marked a commitment to delve deeper into the possibilities of livestreaming as a medium while playing with the form of traditional televised media.

Since its inception, Cable Two has been pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of streaming. With a bright future ahead, Cable Two continues to evolve, promising endless possibilities for new ideas and experiences to create together.